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DETROIT 48202: CONVERSATIONS ALONG A POSTAL ROUTE explores the rise, demise and contested resurgence of America’s “motor city” through a multi-generational choir of voices who reside in mail carrier Wendell Watkins’ work route. 


Archival footage and oral histories convey the impetus behind the African-American migration up north to push against the boundaries of racial and economic segregation. The testimonials of Wendell’s neighbors and friends shed light on the impacts of redlining and the fight for housing justice, the legacy of industrial and political disinvestment, the fragility of Black home-ownership as impacted by the mortgage and financial crisis, and a confluence of events and failed policies that resulted in Detroit’s bankruptcy.  Legendary labor organizer, General Baker, Historian Thomas Sugrue, and Urban Planner June Manning Thomas,  provide additional analysis and historical context…


Pam Sporn

director & producer

Pam Sporn is a Bronx based documentary filmmaker, educator, and activist. She loves listening to people tell stories about standing up to injustice in their own unique, subtle, and not so subtle, ways. A pioneer in bringing social issue documentary making into NYC high schools in the 1980s and 1990s,..


On May Day (International Workers Day), celebrate and learn about Detroit’s Black radical tradition. Enjoy a virtual screening of the award-winning film Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route and extended outtakes of the filmmaker’s interview with General Gordon Baker, one of the founders of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and DRUM (Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement). This was one of the last recorded interviews given by General Baker before his passing in 2014 and formed part of the historical spine of Detroit 48202.After viewing the films, join us for a special panel discussion and community conversation on the significance and impact of Detroit’s Black radical tradition on the labor and left movements.

Register at: https://bit.ly/3fPzF6l




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